The High Performance Center Mass Personalization investigates interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral methods, procedures, processes, product systems and business models for the manufacture of personalized products.

”Mass Personalization” – Personalized products at an affordable price

The concept of ”Mass Personalization” describes a reorientation of product development, which leads from the development of a holistic user understanding to the seamless implementation in personalized product and service innovations – with costs that are hardly higher than those of mass-produced products.

The High-Performance Center Mass Personalization is a joint initiative of the Fraunhofer Institutes in Stuttgart with the University of Stuttgart. The goal is to develop cross-industry processes, production systems and new business models to produce in personalized products

  • for personalized assistance systems, medical technology and sports products
  • in the field of modularized construction, transformable vehicle concepts as well as for consumer products and services
  • in quality assurance, logistics and production of personalized therapeutic products